Aw Yeah Podcast With Art & Franco

we're back! a con report and lots of tv watching by artie 

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Yeahhhhh. Thanks to Scoot McMahon for The Show Card! 

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This was recorded before Franco's Italian Journey. We catch up on the first half of Summer, but as we release this pod, we're behind again :(

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Art loses power at his house forcing him outside to brave the dark relm...and slowly lose his mind to our amusement 

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After the fun and mayhem of C2E2, The guys reflect on the last couple weeks.

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Dan Wickline is...

A columnist for Bleeding Cool

A comic writer for Zenescope & Top Cow

A sci-fi writer whose Metal Huralnt story got adapted for the new SyFy Tv eries.

Art Franco and Yoko had no idea about any of these facts

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Dark Horse Comics Scott Allie checks in to talk about 2 new books from the Hellboy Universe, the laytest isues of Abe Sapien (written by Scott)  and Hellboy In Hell written and drawn by Mike Mignola. We also previe what dark Horse is Doing at C2E2 next week.

Fred Van Lente joins us to talk about his new run on Conan The Avenger starting April 23rd. Plus a new 10th anniversary edition of Action Philosophers, his take on Magnus Robot Hunter Archer and armstrong and more!

Finally we present a portion of the next Aw Yeah Podcast with guest dan Wickline, who writes for Zenescope Top Cow and Bleeding cool. Dan has an episode of Metal Hurlant coming up on the Syfy channel this month, starring James Marsters too! 

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