Aw Yeah Podcast With Art & Franco

After a thanksgiving/earlt december update of stories, Mark Waid joins us to talk about his plans to reboot Archie With Fiona Staples, then he fufills a kickstarter premuim and debates an aw yeah listener on the merits of Superman.

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Johnny celebrates a milestone. artie & franco are conflicted about the star wars trailer , they both break down very special episodes of LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRARIE, garry marshall recounts his lost 80's sitcom ANGIE and we discover that Scoot has a lot in common with Harry Doyle's co-sportscaster in The Major League films 

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We're back with a good one...

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we're back! a con report and lots of tv watching by artie 

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Yeahhhhh. Thanks to Scoot McMahon for The Show Card! 

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This was recorded before Franco's Italian Journey. We catch up on the first half of Summer, but as we release this pod, we're behind again :(

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Art loses power at his house forcing him outside to brave the dark relm...and slowly lose his mind to our amusement 

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After the fun and mayhem of C2E2, The guys reflect on the last couple weeks.

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