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Aw Yeah Podcast With Art & Franco

Dec 17, 2013

Like the title says, there's a lot of animal talk in this episode. 

Dec 10, 2013

A very tired Franco struggles to stay awake, as Yoko and Artie spit ball subjects .

From TV mini series, to comic fan outrage , to Franco's adventures at an 80's themed dance club

Dec 6, 2013

A quickie, but good fun with returning contestant Scoot McMahon, including discussions about Jack Kirby and Stan Lee's relationship Lorne Green, and how pickles from Tony Packo's make yoko chips melt in delerium. Plus we learn ...ITS FRANCO's BIRFDAY!

Nov 14, 2013

Kicksyarter supporter Jimmy Dunn & his wife Theresa join the guys for a nearly 3 hour tour. Jimmy manages to get some Tiny Titans info out of Artie.

Oct 28, 2013

A NYCC wrap up, 11 astonishing facts about Batman, and a lot of talk about Toledo's favorite son. With Scott "Scoot" McMahon