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Aw Yeah Podcast With Art & Franco

Dec 19, 2010

Jesse Blaze Snider , writer of Boom Studio's Toy Story comics and The Muppet Snow White adventure joins the guys to talk about his point of view on the Muppetverse, Deadpool,New York Vs Chicago Pizza , his music , Rock & Roll myths , Krypto and The Phantom Zone , Kryptonian Biology, His DC mini series Dead Romeo, and the fair use versus paying bands to sing or perform their songs when it happens spontaneously on live media. his family on Growing Up Twisted , the A&E reality show, and his future projects

Art is busy creating new charcters for the Super Pets Children Books, while nearly choking himself , and Franco's clearing his sinuses.

eight and a half years ago

This podcast is great! Don't change a thing!

eight and a half years ago

Jesse Blaze Snide is completly 100% right on Deadpool. Marvel should hire this guy to write it!