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Aw Yeah Podcast With Art & Franco

Jan 7, 2011

Along with the usual comic talk we explore fatherhood with Chris Eliopoulos. Plus classic cartoons, Chris's strange origin, and Art's passion for Megos .

eight and a half years ago

Franco! Dude, you sound so sick! Grab a lozenge. And some chicken soup. And some sleep. Maybe a little alcohol. Feel better soon.

Great episode, as always. So much fun. I couldn't figure out why Chris sounded so different this time around... until I realized that it was a different Chris (Eliopoulos vs Giarrusso). Either way, whichever Chris it was... great listening to him.

Art, I just got that great, big DC book last week so I'm agonna look for your Megos. Too cool!

John... as always, the voices are a welcome addition to the kookiness.