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Aw Yeah Podcast With Art & Franco

Jul 25, 2017

Sunday night. Dead tired from 5 days of Comic Con. The boys are live in their hotel room. Sleeping together like the 3 stooges . They all talk about who and what they saw and did all week. Lots of funny movie/tv celeb and comic celeb encounters .

Yoko broke his iPhone, and bent his metal mints box ...we'll explain what that all means on the pod. Aw Yeah Saving it

Johnny cant keep his eyes open. He drifts to sleep in mid-story a few times to Artie's squealing delight.

Think of it as a drinking game. Every time Artie and Francis laugh at Johnny falling asleep, take a drink. Don't try this while driving or operating heavy machinery or you'll be fading out, just like Yoko.