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Aw Yeah Podcast With Art & Franco

Apr 12, 2011

Here are some highlights from today's episode...

Art has to finish his kid’s food for them.

You'll hear Post C2E2 coverage

Art Lost his voice the night before C2E2 and was mute for the whole convention and a school lecture on Saturday.

Franco examines the science behind sneezing

Art has a great idea for a future Tiny Titans story

Art talks about past and future lectures to art students

Franco thanks the C2E2 fans , and explains the reasons why He and Art sat apart from each other at the con.

Shout outs to our pals Brother Bear, Chris Smits  and Jimmy Palmiotti.

Then…things get ugly.

Franco tells us the traumatic adventure of trying to get home Monday on connecting flights from Detroit to New York.

Art took his wife and  kids to downtown Chicago for a hometown staycation and had his own disgusting problems

We discuss the casting choices in the new superman & green lantern movies