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Aw Yeah Podcast With Art & Franco

Sep 13, 2010

Episode 5 begins with typical confusion, is this the Empire Strikes Back or  the Attack Of The Clones instalment ? Art recalls sticking it to THE MAN during employee smoke breaks at an old day job.
Art announces a work update on the Lil Archie Tiny Titans crossover that begins in late October. We come up with a new Star wars catch phrase, “Strokin The Mane”

We read some listener e-mail which prompts the guys to tell the story of how they first met. There’s a Dream analysis session with Art, and finally,  a loyal plus sized X-Wing Fighter Pilot gets his due.

Murray Fox
eight and a half years ago

Hey guys, I've been sitting at the potter's wheel all Christmas doing my thing... throwing plates and bowls and stuff, and you guys have been jibber jabbering away in the background keeping me company. Too cool! Art: I'm hoping that at some point we're going to learn about the dark year of 1993. Who knows... maybe that eventually is revealed in later episodes... but until then I'm on the edge of my seat. Franco: loved how you got back at the feminist chick's boyfriend. Very classy! ;)

Jun Bob Kim
almost nine years ago

Episode 6? Art & Franco, I need more episodes from you guys!