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Aw Yeah Podcast With Art & Franco

Aug 5, 2012

The plan was to do a live podcast after theguys spent the day with kids drawing comics, but Art and Franco got a little tired, and Yoko Chips had a chip on his shoulder, so we also recorded a long preface with a bunch of topics resulting in the King Sized episode .

In this issue, More exploration of Artie's definition of "Still"... yoko chips is thrilled that his 2nd favorite fruit is back in season...some san diego comicon memories...we talk about mike norton and tim seeley's revival...we poke fun at fellow podcasters ...olivia munn's anxiety disorder... Franco had a few near death experiences...a fan letter inspires some legion of superhero talk...we make time for some ape talk..We are facinated by the spanish sitcom la familia del p luche ...then we bring you the live posrtion of the show at Aw Yeah Comics