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Aw Yeah Podcast With Art & Franco

Aug 18, 2010

The adventure begins. Art and Franco get their feet wet hosting their first podcast episode. but their feet were too wet and it put some static on the line .

So be warned, there's lot of great stories here, l.ike the secret origin of Jimmy The Muscle, what to do if your house floods while at a convention, and even a Mike Norton moment , but also some static and audio pops.

If you can't handle it, fear not, just skip to episode 2 where it's been smooth sailing ever since.

over eight years ago

i love hearing the midwest talk der. i moved from madison, wi to colorado and i can't find a guy or gal to talk dat way. they are all from CA or born 'ere. i see some bumper stickers that don't like us folks moving in. but, screw them!

anyway, look at me talking all the time. great podcast i love it!! viva chicago, great city!!