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Aw Yeah Podcast With Art & Franco

Aug 18, 2010

Like Steely Dan used to sing " No static at all..." unless you count our first surprise guest from Challengers Comics in Chicago Patrick Brower. Franco tells us tales from the first day of The Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, where he saw show favorite Katie Cook, and a shout out to Acme Comics own Marc "Brother Bear" Hammond .

We learn which 70's sitcom women Artie has on his "List" and why he leaves the sound down on some cable tv stations.

We enjoy a new Mike Norton Moment and technical difficulties throw the boys mid show, but the ship steers back on course to wrap things up.

=shane white=
over eight years ago

Pretty hilarious stuff, guys. You have the cadence and verbosity of great comedy teams of yesteryear.

And I dig your Shazam work. :)


Paul Clare
over eight years ago

I love pink too! Too funny. Keep em coming.