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Aw Yeah Podcast With Art & Franco

Nov 25, 2018

Holiday Madness In This Franco Clanco. We gush about our love for the horribly bad Buck Rogers 80's shpw but our love for the cast, even Twiki . Of course we also pay our respects to the great Beige One Stan Lee

Oct 24, 2018

Sadly no Scoot, but Mighty Mike Negin is back to join the post NYCC Talk

Oct 4, 2018

It's a Franco Clanco Scoot show before this weekend's craziness in NY.

Yoko has a cold and is tripping on his meds. Listen to him speak in tongues as his mind wanders. 

Sep 27, 2018

The fall is upon us . Artie Franco and Yoko review the summer cons they attended

Aug 9, 2018

The boys are back with post sandy eggo talk and a lot more