Aw Yeah Podcast With Art & Franco (podcast )

If you like the Star Wars Holiday Special, you're gonna love this episode, cause the guys cant stop talking about it. 

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This time Artie & Scoot couldn't make it, so Franco and Yoko soldier on to close out the year. We go over the dead celebs list, wrongly thinking Carrie Fisher was going to be ok, so we're short a few people who kept on dying. 

Franco shares his spoiler thoughts on Rogue One, but for those who still haven't seen it, there's 90 minutes of show before we get to that. 

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Franco & Scoot were sick as dogs, but Artie & Yoko soldiered on to bring you this pod.

We don't start spoiling Rogue One until 52:30 when Artie starts singing the sad star wars music , so if you haven't seen it yet you get that much sillines before we start. 

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aw yeah card


"It's Your Kids Marty." this simple statement starts an hour long discussion about the laws of time travel as they apply in The Back To The Future Saga. 

Lots of Cincy Comic Expo, and Pre New York Con talk too. 

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We're back, but technology was trying very hard to keep this from happening.

Artie Francis and Scoot sound like they're on a phone line, and loudmouth Yoko is on the mic.

But it's still funny 

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The Long Wait is over . A New Summertime pod 

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Massive Spoliers . OK If you haven'tseen it by now, you were in no hurry. Don't worry there's 5 or so minutes of warm up before we get to the movie and we give you fair warring time to jump off if you don't want the film spoiled. Some of us liked the  movie some didn't which makes for a fun conversation. 

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On a Thursday night, Franco Scoot and Yoko got together to pod. Art's busy making the comics, but we figured we could check in with some new thoughts (ok they're month old thoughts) 

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Zod joins us for this impromtu pod, where we talk about his adventures in michigan , more lost revelations from artie, and very little about the super bowl 

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We review the first weeks of 2016. Yoko is playing sick. Artie & franco love the ID Cable network. We talk about the dead rock stars and more. 

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