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Aw Yeah Podcast With Art & Franco

Jun 2, 2017

Sorry Artie couldn't make it, but you get our takes on the film and a lot more. 

May 23, 2017



Scoot Pic Aw Yeah Pod Guys


We got Franco fresh from surgery to join our full house of Artie Yoko and Scoot.

It's been 2 months and we got stories 

Mar 22, 2017

Artie's been busy making the donuts, so Franco Yoko and Scoot decided to do a new show, but then Scoot had a toilet overflow, so you're gonna have to settle for a mostly Franco and Clanco chat.

Jan 26, 2017

If you like the Star Wars Holiday Special, you're gonna love this episode, cause the guys cant stop talking about it. 

Dec 30, 2016

This time Artie & Scoot couldn't make it, so Franco and Yoko soldier on to close out the year. We go over the dead celebs list, wrongly thinking Carrie Fisher was going to be ok, so we're short a few people who kept on dying. 

Franco shares his spoiler thoughts on Rogue One, but for those who still haven't seen it,...